October 2014

Yes another extremely hot woman available and looking

Are any of you that all reading from Dallas in Texas? You are! I’ll throw you some good news, so is she! The woman that you see in the photograph goes by the name of Ashley, she is 31 years of age, even if her body looks like she’s 19 of the most, she keeps herself in great shape, and I have seen her front side I have to tell you that it is a lot better than the back, she is close to being gorgeous, one of the hottest dates that anybody could have that is living in the area that is sure.

Her husband is some guy that works for a petrol company, he’s making big bucks and when I say big bucks I mean millions, she at this point has no intentions in any way or form whatsoever to break up with the guy but at the same time she wants to cheat on him because he is never around and she knows for a fact that he is cheating on her every single time that he gets the chance to and that would be from Monday to Friday when he is out of town for work.

That’s why she uses untrue.com that happens to be an extremely safe way to find people in your town that want to have sex just like you, that’s why she’s using this service because it has been around for 11 years now, when something is been around that long and has only got bigger and bigger that means that it works and it does deliver exactly what people wanted to.


September 2014

How about this for a nice pair of buttocks

Check out this nice ass that I found over on the dating network Amateur Match. As an editor I have a free pass on all 15 dating websites that belong to the same company, all of them are extremely successful, but at the same time I am not willing to do say what they want me to, they know that I give fair and balanced reviews and that’s exactly what I do and I have been doing for the past 12 years. So every time that I say something good about a website you can trust me on and at the same time if I say something not good you need to take note. However I have never had anything bad to say about this website or the one I just mentioned in this paragraph or any of the others that belong to the same network.

If you want to get laid this would be the most ideal place either if you are single or if you are married at the same time you would like to keep it on a hush hush level then there is no other place on the Internet besides this network where you can do all that and remain a nobody where no one will ever find out who you are, where you’re from him what you’re up to.


Married? Happy?

Well Untrue.com or the soon to come Unfaithful.com aren’t built to help you and your spouse get along and have a better life together. One thing though is, that they will guarantee you’ll get laid with someone else.The only alternative to the situation that you’re in right now is to become one of the many¬†Cheaterson this planet.

Did you know that a large scale survey pointed out that in Europe and north America that no less than 45% of women cheat on their husband and 20% of them do so often and that 67% of men have the same habit. Put it this way if you don’t they will, you know what I mean :)


great legs in stockings

August 2014

An old buddy of mine

An old friend of mine

This chick reminds me of a Brunette on Cam that I watched in action a few days ago, I really don’t want to get into the details, lets keep it clean LOL. Anyways, I was on Cheaters.net and she started to hit on me, later to find out that shes an old friend of mine, we went to high school together and we had some great times together.

Anyways, just to cut a long story very short. I go to find out that shes married and after being so for only three years, shes already cheating on him and has been doing so for about a year. She uses the website to find me in her town that want to have sex and that are married themselves. The reason that she’s looking for married men is that she knows that they wont bother her that much as they have a life as well.

You can imagine what a face she pulled when I told her about Unfaithful.com coming out soon and that the website is built just for her needs and nothing even comes close when bringing cheating couples together, people that want an affair and want to keep it quiet. There will be a lot to talk about this new website, be sure to be ready and to get your free pass the day it opens!

gorgeous dating fucking bitch

It’s time to do it…

filthy slut
If you read my first post you would have noticed that I said there are a few other very well organized dating sites out there and a few of them are actually in our network. We have something similar to the next to come out “Unfaithful” that is very similar in some of its aspects.
Untrue.com and I really think that it’s needless to say anything more than just that. Go take a look, tell me if you like it and what can this network do to improve it, all suggestions and comments are very welcome.

Date fast and easy, most of all staying safe

Date fast and easy, most of all staying safe

The rules are pretty simple and if you stay by them, you’ll get laid guaranteed, this no matter if you’re a dude or a chick, you’ll get what you signed up for. The babe in the image is Gianna from Italy, shes living in the US (California) and will be here till she ends her college studies in 2016. She has a boyfriend at home and all her classmates know that, so she wants to look cool and not let anyone know that she’s cheating on the Guido back in the old country, so she uses Untrue.com and no one will ever find out what the hell she’s up to. Needless to say that she has had sex with an amount of guys that she’s even lost count, thats what she told me when we spoke. She also told me that she’s been a member only for three weeks. OK, thats frigging scary! She’s on a sex rampage!

July 2014

Get laid in a matter of minutes with no sweat taken

This is how they do it, the sign up on Untrue dot com and then hang around and wait, well it’s really not that simple. I would suggest that you upload a few recent photos of yourself and be sure to create a nice bio, you know, all the stuff you like doing and a few stats about yourself. The more detailed it is the faster you’ll hook up, no matter if you’re a man or a woman, married or single, you’ll get a lot better results if you spend 30 minutes on your profile. Its a fact that it works a lot better that way! Millions date and get laid on a daily basis and nearly all of them have followed this rule, its a bit like one of the things you read on the bill of rights, you have to follow them to make a good citizen LOL. You know what I mean, good luck and happy hunting!

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June 2014

don’t waste time do it the right way and use untrue.com

don’t waste time do it the right way and use untrue.com

Right now I am reaching out to all women like me, I am a 29-year-old married woman as you can see I am a little overweight, but I am still what many say extremely fuckable! But if my husband ever finds out that I am cheating on him he will divorce me and I will lose everything, I live downtown Los Angeles in California he is a stinking rich he loves me and I believe he has always been faithful, but I could give a flying fuck if that stupid bastard has been faithful are not I want to have sex with as many as I can and I could care less about him or if I ever hurt his feelings, I want his money and I want other men’s cocks. I suggest untrue.com to every cheating slut just like me, it is safe, secure, and your loved ones will never find out that you are using it unless you are stupid enough to let them know!

Cheating dating done safe and you win

Cheating dating done safe and you win

Yes you do when, you cannot go wrong when you use a dating service to cheat on your husband Robert been cheating on him with a coworker or even worse with a friend of a friend, it will always get back to someone that knows him and at the end he will always find out, it could be a very long run, but be sure he will find out. He now thinks that I am faithful, he has no idea that I have been cheating on him with at least four dozen different men in the past two years simply because I’ve been playing it safe and using this specific sex dating website, right untrue.com is the safest place to have sex and cheat at the same time.

May 2014

Working at a home office is these benefits

Working at a home office is these benefits

If you work at a home office like Denise the incredibly hot chick that is in this photograph then you have all the benefits of wearing whatever you want, and in this case while she works she also sex dates, she does it through cheaters.net, she’s been a member for the past seven months and told me over live chat that she has encountered with at least 15 men and had sex with all but one.

Claims that she’s having the time of her life, and every opportunity that she gets, that is when her husband leaves town with his buddies on a fishing trip which occurs once every other weekend she will log into her account and find some of the local that wants to have sex. It works just as easy as that: first of all fill out a profile with an accurate bio, add 9 to 12 recent photographs of yourself punch in as well your location and who you’d like to meet of course and you should be good to go, that’s how easy it is to hook up with people in your town in a matter of minutes.

More Untrue.com dating chicks looking for guys near them.

More Untrue.com dating chicks looking for guys near them.

Don’t you just love that? Love what you would say! The fact that a check on untrue.com would ask you to come on live WebCam chat to meet one another and when you put your WebCam on that’s exactly what I saw, she was impose good to go to show me what a wonderful pair cheeks that she has LOL.

Her name is Esther she is from the state of Ohio she has a fianc√© she is getting married and she wants to have her last kicks before tying the knot, and she’s doing it thanks to untrue.com. So if you’re in the Columbus area and are looking for some quick sex with a hot 28-year-old girl with perfect facial features and a great ass as you can see don’t hesitate to log into your account and to punch in the search box Esther Columbus Ohio and she will come up as third result, three from the top.

What are Untrue.com’s sister sites?

What are Untrue.com’s sister sites?

Everybody meet Susan, Susan is 41 years old she has a fetish for sexy lingerie she likes to have sex when she is semi-dressed, and she would prefer men in their 20s and in their 20s only nothing over 29 years of age and obviously if they are in her town which is the massive city of Atlanta and Georgia or if they are willing to travel to Atlanta Georgia to meet up with her and have sex.

Susan is a very satisfied member over at untrue.com, I know because I spoke to her yesterday, I obviously told her who I was and what I do and she said that I could use this photograph to post on the blog as once again like all the other photographs of the post here do not give away the identity of the person or at least don’t give it away completely that way she feels safe and confident to pass me this photograph and of course a that I can use it. More

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